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Jasper Palisades  - Atco Utilities

"I just wanted to address what an amazing job the crew and our personnel on site are doing. Every time I am there, the site is very clean and well organized, and all environmental mitigations are being followed. I have never seen so much as a piece of garbage onsite, and after commenting about it yesterday, I learned that the contractors have gone above and beyond to ensure that the site is immaculate. Equipment not in use (even for short periods of time) have drip trays in place and are parked in appropriate locations. The crew is constantly cleaning, organizing and watching out for any housekeeping items that can be dealt with, even the piles of debris onsite that are awaiting disposal are in an orderly fashion! I have also seen great communication between the contractors and our personnel, Ray always knows exactly what each piece of equipment is doing, their plan for the rest of the shift and is notified immediately of any changes"
I just wanted to let the rest of the team know, as I think this goes a long way towards our good reputation with Parks and showcasing that we are doing our due diligence to keep our projects clean and well planned. I have never been to a more immaculate or well organized construction site and I hope to see these contractors working with us again in the future! 
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